Is your Friday going to be BLACK or rebellious?

Is your Friday going to be BLACK or rebellious?

It's Black Friday, as you might have already noticed thanks to the hundreds of notifications in your mailbox, but we want to be honest. 👇

We were thinking back and forth about how we should approach this infamous day (don't believe us? Just watch this)... It's tempting to throw around discounts like the industry giants. But as a small business we don't have that luxury nor do we believe it's the right thing to do... We knew, this is not us: We are rebels, breaking norms and doing things differently is in our DNA!

So we decided to do what we do best: mixing & drinking amazing alcohol-free cocktails, which you can do too!

Get a FREE COCKTAIL RECIPE BOOKLET for every order from Nov 25-27!

And in the meanwhile go out, have a drink, and enjoy this rebellious Friday in good company! 

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