Dry July - alcohol-free drinks


You don’t have to wait until 2023 and Dry January to reduce your consumption of alcohol. Did you know that Dry July it’s also a thing?! If you are looking for a bit of motivation, check out these tips and tricks we thought might be helpful.




01. Share your intention

They say sharing is caring, so talk about it with your friends, family, coworkers... Express why you choose to stop drinking alcohol (or drinking less) and someone may even join you!

02. Be aware of how not drinking alcohol makes you feel

Check with yourself how you are feeling after days without a drop of alcohol. Surprising, isn't it? Be aware of it and you will be your own motivation. 

03. You don't have to give up socializing

We tend to connect drinking with social interactions but just remember: one doesn't exclude the other. We can promise you that.

04. Don't be too harsh on yourself

If you are fancying a glass of wine... Drink it with no regrets! Feels good to give up on temptations once in a while.

05. Find delicious alternatives for alcoholic drinks but without the alc

Dare we say... that's literally what REBELS 0.0% is here for 😜 Dry July doesn’t have to be totally dry!
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