#RebelsStories - Having a drink with Christof Tremp, Founder & CEO of REBELS 0.0%

INTRODUCING... #RebelsStories

For us, the definition of a rebel is someone who dares to do things differently. It doesn't have to do with looks, but with attitude. That's why we decided to start #RebelsStories: small conversations (while having a drink, obviously! 😜) with rebellious individuals that, just like us, like to break norms. 

And we'd like to start these series with... 


- Describe yourself and what you do.  

I'm Christof and I'm one of the founders and CEO of REBELS 0.0%. We are on a mission to break social drinking norms and celebrate everyone's freedom of choice.

- What was your motivation to start a business?
I left my corporate job in order to create my own company and realize my vision and dreams. I've always wanted to create my own start-up. And if you ask me, "why alcohol-free alternatives?" well, I think it's always that last Gin & Tonic that you regret in the morning, so I thought it was a good idea to create something delicious to cheers with just without the alcohol.

"If you want to drink alcohol, do it! And if you don't, you shouldn't have to justify yourself"

- How do you think you can make a difference?
I think that with our products we are making a difference, we are giving people a choice. In those moments when you don't want to or you can't drink alcohol, you shouldn't have to justify yourself. If you want to drink alcohol, do it! And if you don't, then you have the choice to drink a great alternative.

- What’s your life motto?
That you won't regret what you've done, butt probably what you haven't done. So just go for it and give it a try. 

- What's your definition of "Rebels"?
For me, it's someone who does things differently. It doesn't necessarily have to be what we have in mind as a rebel, like a punk with tattoos for example. Itt can also be but it doesn't have to. It's someone who wants to break rules and norms, who wants to bring something to life in an authentic way.

- Fav alcohol-free cocktail?
I love the "Nogroni", mixing our 0.0% Gin Alternative with our 0.0% Aperitif Alternative and San Bitter. It makes a great drink! CHEERS!

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