Are you looking to savor an alcohol-free Rum? Dive into the joy of celebration with Rebels 0.0%, available in our store.

Our collection caters to those who crave the rich flavors of classic spirits without the unwelcome aftermath of a hangover the next day. With Rebels 0.0%, you can immerse yourself in your favorite cocktails with a new, alcohol-free twist that captures the essence of a classic Rum. Order the Rum alternative directly from the shop now and revel in the experience.

Explore our Rum alternative

At Rebels 0.0%, we've curated an exceptional assortment of alcohol-free Rum products for you, perfect for every palate and occasion. Our Dark Spice is a masterpiece, embodying the complex and robust notes of traditional Rum – all without the presence of alcohol. We are also delighted to introduce our Dark & Windy set. This set allows you to relish the beloved Dark & Stormy cocktail in an alcohol-free rendition that impresses with its impeccable balance of spices and richness.

For those eager to explore our complete range, the I Want Them All Set presents an excellent opportunity. This set features a thoughtfully selected collection of our finest alcohol-free spirits. It is the ideal choice for a diverse taste journey, presenting the realm of alcohol-free spirits in all its facets.

These products from Rebels 0.0% go beyond exceptional taste and quality; they offer you the chance to savor responsibly without compromising on flavor or style.

About Rebels 0.0%

Rebels 0.0% marks the dawn of a new era in the domain of spirits, where the rich traditions of Rum meet the conscious decision for alcohol-free enjoyment. Crafted in Switzerland, our alcohol-free alternatives benefit from a distinctive double distillation process that captures the full, intense essence of classic Rum without the presence of alcohol. At Rebels 0.0%, our aim is to spark a revolution in the spirits market by advocating for an inclusive drinking culture that enables you to celebrate without alcohol.

Step into the universe of alcohol-free delights with Rebels 0.0%. Experience how our meticulously crafted beverages elevate your Rum hours – all without alcohol. Whether you wish to rediscover the flavor of your favorite Rum in an alcohol-free variant or be inspired by our inventive mix creations, our selection provides everything you need for responsible and sophisticated enjoyment.