Do you want to enjoy alcohol-free whiskey? Discover the joy of celebration with Rebels 0.0% in our shop.

Our selection is perfect for those who want to enjoy the full flavor of classic spirits without the aftereffects of a hangover the next day. With Rebels 0.0%, you can experience your favorite cocktails in a new, alcohol-free light. Order the whiskey alternatives directly from the shop now and enjoy.

Discover our whiskey alternatives

At Rebels 0.0%, we have created an extraordinary selection of alcohol-free whiskey products for you, perfect for every taste and occasion. Our Malt Blend is a true work of art, capturing the classic, rich, and complex flavors of traditional whiskey – all without alcohol. This drink offers you a harmonious balance of sweet and smoky notes, ideal if you appreciate the depth and sophistication of whiskey but want to avoid alcohol.

We are also proud to present our Rebels 0.0% Whiskey Sour Perfect Cocktail Set, with this set, you can enjoy the popular Whiskey Sour cocktail in an alcohol-free version that impresses with its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Each set contains all the ingredients you need to create an authentic Whiskey Sour that delights your palate without the drawbacks of alcohol.

For those who want to explore the full range of our offerings, the I Want Them All Set provides an excellent opportunity. This set includes a carefully selected collection of our best alcohol-free spirits, including the Malt Blend Whiskey. It is the perfect choice for a diverse taste experience, presenting the world of alcohol-free spirits in all their facets.

These products from Rebels 0.0% are not only about excellent taste and quality but also offer you the opportunity to enjoy responsibly without compromising on flavor or style.

About Rebels 0.0%

Rebels 0.0% marks the beginning of a new era in the world of spirits, where the tradition-rich world of whiskey meets the conscious choice for alcohol-free enjoyment. Our alcohol-free whiskey alternatives, made in Switzerland, benefit from a special double distillation process that captures the full, intense flavor of a classic whiskey without alcohol. Our goal at Rebels 0.0% is to bring about a revolution in the spirits market by promoting an inclusive drinking culture that allows you to celebrate without alcohol.

Rebels 0.0% stands for more than just a drink – it is a symbol of your personal freedom and the ability to make conscious life choices. Each of our products, especially our alcohol-free whiskey, is a promise of authenticity and quality, a true Rebels moment for those who seek excellent enjoyment without compromises.

Step into the universe of alcohol-free treats with Rebels 0.0%. Experience how our carefully distilled beverages enrich your cocktail hours – all without alcohol. Whether you want to rediscover the taste of your favorite whiskey in an alcohol-free variant or be inspired by our creative mix creations, our selection offers everything you need for responsible and sophisticated enjoyment.